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Service & Repair Center

Spokes Etc. Service CenterEach Spokes Etc. location has a full-service tech center with professional, friendly technicians who are adept at solving your maintenance issues, large and small. Our service staff is professionally trained and certified to work on all makes and models, not simply the brands that we stock. Whether your bicycle needs a minor adjustment or a complete overhaul, you can count on us to keep your bike riding like new. 

Estimates are free!
 Each visit to a Spokes Etc. tech center begins with a free, no-obligation assessment, and we'll provide you with our service recommendations and a detailed estimate. We're happy to answer questions and explain any issues with your bicycle, and we never perform any work on your bicycle without your consent. 

Our work is guaranteed. We guarantee the quality of our workmanship for 30 days after you pick up your bicycle. Any new components that are installed during your repair are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, and we'll cover the labor cost for warranty replacements or related adjustments.

No appointment necessary - come visit us anytime! You don't always plan your mechanical issues in advance, so our service departments are open whenever Spokes Etc. is open, seven days a week. We strive to fix minor mechanical issues on the spot, and if we can't solve your problem immediately, we'll happily check your bike in and let you know as soon as it is ready for pickup.

Spokes Etc. Tune-Up Packages

Safety Check/Quote - FREE

  • In stand bike inspection and safety check

Deluxe Tune-Up Package - $120*

*Parts are additional

Recommended in your owner's manual, this package covers the periodic maintenance necessary to keep your bike in excellent riding condition based on normal usage. This package includes adjustments to all of the major systems, including: 

  • Shifting system - derailleur and cable's adjusted and lubed
  • Braking system - brake, brake pads and cable's adjusted and lubed
  • Wheel system - hub adjustments, true and tension spokes
  • Tires - inspect for wear, properly adjust air pressure
  • Steering system - headset adjustment
  • Bottom Bracket - adjustment
  • Chain - inspected, wiped down and lubed

Premium Tune-Up Package - $175* 

*Parts are additional

Designed for any rider seeking better performance and a quieter ride, this package includes all of the system adjustments covered in the Deluxe package as well as:

  • Removal, cleaning(In Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank) and inspection of the front and rear derailleurs
  • Removal, cleaning(In Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank) and inspection of the cassette, chain and crankset
  • Complete wipe down of bicycle frame, fork and wheels

Complete Mechanical Overhaul  - $275*

*Parts are additional

Our overhaul includes a complete disassembly, cleaning and rebuilding of all of your bicycle's systems. All parts are removed, cleaned and inspected before the bike is reassembled, lubricated and tuned to the highest standards. This is the ultimate annual service package.

Professional Bicycle Assembly - $300

Our experts will build you a bike from the ground up, including the complete assembly of frame and components as well as a professionally-built wheelset that meets your specific riding needs. With our attention to detail combined with decades of professional experience, we'll build you a high-performance bike that will last. We also include a complimentary tune-up with your assembly package.

*Fluids & Disposal Fee additional on Tune-Up's, Overhauls, and Assemblies

Individual Labor Rates

Flat Tire Repair - $15

  • Remove wheel
  • Remove tube and tire
  • Diagnose cause of flat
  • Replace punctured tube
  • Reinstall wheel
  • Does not include price of tube

Shift Adjustment - $15

  • Inspection and adjustment of front or rear shifting systems
  • Recalibration of cable tension
  • Chain, cassette, & chain ring inspections
  • Parts additional

Chain Installation - $20

  • Install new chain - size & cut
  • Check calibration of shifting system
  • With new cassette - $30.00
  • Parts additional

Drivetrain Inspection, Removal & Cleaning - $60

  • Remove front and rear derailleurs, cassette, chain and crankset
  • Clean all parts
  • Inspect rear derailleur hanger alignment
  • Reinstall drivetrain components
  • Shifting system adjustment included

Braking Adjustment - $15

  • Inspection and adjustment of front or rear braking systems
  • Resurfacing of brake pads
  • Cleaning of rims
  • Realignment of brake pads & recalibration of brake springs
  • Parts additional

*Be sure to check out our Free monthly Roadside Maintenance Clinics

Wheel Truing (per wheel) - $20

  • Inspection & adjustment of wheel spoke system
  • Truing of front or rear wheel
  • Tensioning of front or rear wheel
  • With spoke replacement, parts are additional:
    • Front - $25.00
    • Rear - $30.00

Hub Adjustment - $15

Hub Overhaul - Front: $25; Rear: $35

  • Disassembly and cleaning of front or rear hub
  • Reassembly, lubrication & adjustment of hub
  • Parts additional

Headset/Bottom Bracket Adjustments - $15

Headset Overhaul - $25

  • Disassembly & Cleaning of headset
  • Lubrication of headset
  • Re-installation & adjustment included
  • Parts additional

Bottom Bracket Overhaul - $35

  • Disassembly & cleaning of bottom bracket
  • Lubrication of bottom bracket
  • Bottom bracket adjustment included
  • Parts additional

Bike Storage (per day) - $5

  • 48 hour free storage after repair

Spokes Etc. Hourly Labor Rate - $120

  • Special projects
  • Suspension fork overhaul
Monday-Friday: 10am-8pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 10am-5pm
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